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We are ISO 9001 certified…a distinction that sets us apart. We have many clients in a variety of industries including aerospace, medical, military, food service, transportation and more that require this certification.

We are a Full Service Precision CNC Machine Shop
specializing in Tight Tolerance Controlled Turning and Milling

Diameters +/- 0.0001
Linear +/- 0.001

Relationships designed to reduce costs and add value

Multi-tasking machine centers.
Lean manufacturing work cells.
Unique creative abilities.

JIT and KANBAN solutions

Meets or exceeds customer requirements

Proven expertise in numerous material types
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CNC Milling

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In addition to our multi-tasking machining centers, MMT maintains a number of conventional CNC machining centers to address your milling needs. Having both multi-task machines and conventional milling centers gives us the flexibility to determine the best method of producing your parts. Our mills can machine parts up to 26″ in diameter and 40″ in length.

CNC Vertical Milling Centers

(1) Haas VF-3 Machining Center with Midaco Series 40 SD Pallet Changer
(3) Haas VF-OE Machining Centers
(1) Haas VF-1 Machining Center
(1) Haas VF-4 Machining Center
(1) Haas VF-2D Machining Center
(2) Haas S Mini mills

CNC Turning

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MMT employs a variety of CNC turning centers, all ready to meet your production turning needs. Our lathes accommodate bar stock up to 2.75″ through their spindles, with secondary spindles for backside finishing. For chuck work, we can handle pieces up to 17″ in diameter.


(1) Mazak QT 200 Lathe with Mazak MZ-1 Model #ML1 Auto Feed
(7) Mazak QT 250 Lathes with CNC Enhancements Auto Bar 400
(1) Mazak QT 200 Lathe with CNC Enhancements Auto Bar 400
(1) Mazak QT 8 Lathe with CNC Enhancements Auto Bar 400
(2) Haas SL-20B Lathes
(4) Haas ST-10 Lathes
(1) Mazak QT 15 Lathe
(1) Haas SL-10 Lathe
(1) Okuma LNC8


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Take advantage of one of the most important innovations to hit the machining industry in recent times. Multi-task machining centers shorten lead times from days to hours. MMT has invested heavily in this technology, which incorporates a number of operations in one piece of cutting-edge CNC-controlled machinery. Farewell to multiple machines, multiple setups, and all the extra handling involved. Now we turn, mill, drill, bore, and tap a part in one machine with a single setup.

Our CNC Multitasking Machining Centers

(1) Mazak Multiplex 6200Y with LNS Quick Load Servo S3 Bar Feeder
(1) Mazak Multiplex 6200 with LNS Quick Load Servo S3 Bar Feeder
(1) Mazak Multiplex 6200-2YR with Mazak Flex-GL100F Loader
(1) Mazak Integrex 200-III ST with Mazak Flex-GL100F Robot

Quality Assurance

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Your total satisfaction is our goal. We work for your approval by systematically inspecting your parts throughout the entire manufacturing process. First piece inspection when production begins, in-process inspection during production, and a final inspection prior to packaging and shipping assure that only parts that are “to-your-specifications” arrive at your facility.

Our dedication to quality drives us, so we produce nothing but the finest in precisely machined, close-tolerance parts. At present, our capabilities allow us to maintain tolerances to +/− 0.0001″, depending on material and machining requirements.

MMT equips our knowledgeable and experienced quality assurance team with a comprehensive assortment of measurement and inspection equipment, including an advanced Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and a computerized high-magnification inspection station. Accuracy and compliance are ensured by a regular calibration schedule of all quality assurance equipment against NIST traceable standards.

Specialized Quality Assurance Equipment

Zeiss Spectrum RDS Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) with Articulating Head
Micro-Vu PC-controlled high magnification inspection station

Swiss-style Lathe

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Our Swiss-style lathes can cost-effectively turn shafts and other components from 0.0625″ to 0.625″ in diameter. The tiniest of parts can be machined from aluminum, stainless steel, brass, high-temperature alloys, and a variety of other materials.

MMT’s sliding headstock Star Swiss-style CNC turning centers are extremely productive, 9-axis units with synchronous sub-spindles and extensive back working capability. These machines provide the capability required to meet your small parts needs.

CNC Swiss-style Lathe

(2) Star CNC SB-16 Turning Centers with Star ASO-16 Oil-type Bar Feeders

Additional Equipment

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In addition to MMT’s machining capabilities, we have the finest equipment to ensure that your product is machined to specification.

When burr removal is needed MMT uses a variety of deburring techniques that we use in our deburring station.

Any part needing to be washed goes through our Bowden Automated Liquid Turbo Charger Parts Washer to ensure cleanliness before the product leaves MMT’s dock.


(1) Bowden Automated Liquid Turbo Charger Parts Washer
(1) Hyd-Mech H14A Cutting Saw
(1) Hyd-Mech H12 Cutting Saw
(1) Deburring Station

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Hours: M - Th 8am - 5pm

Phone: 706.779.3327
Fax: 706.779.5870

Mail: P.O. Box 685
Toccoa, GA 30577

Shipping: 400 Clary Connector
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ISO 9001 Accredation

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